360 Degree Solutions For Sports Needs


 The Drop under the Barbell made to Early.
Your Problems 
-Incomplete pull.

-the best positions of the leg and back muscles are not used for the second phase of the pull-explosion.

-work with too heavy loads.

My suggestions

-pulls while supporting the barbell at the highest point.

-work from the boxes in the best position for the muscular groups of the back and legs.

-work from the hang position, whose aim is to strengthen the muscular groups which achieve the explosion.

-power snatch.

The Explosion is not made from both feet
Your Problems 
-the athlete does not hurry to come under the barbell

-the complete rising on tiptoes of both feet, after the ‘swing’ is not made.

-the speed conveyed to the barbell is not sufficient 
My suggestions

-Snatch from the hang position.

-Snatch from boxes

-The separate execution of the snatch having in view the “swing” the rising on tiptoes, and the fall in the split

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