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Weightlifting in India

      Weightlifting is one of the Olympic Medal winning events. Smt.Karanam Malleswari got Bronze Medal in Sidney Olympics 2000. Our Indian Weightlifters are got medals in International Weightlifting competitions during the lost 5 Decades.

 Weightlifting game is one of the parts in Andhra Pradesh Sports School (APSS).
Apart from this Weightlifting being a recognized sport carries 2% reservation from higher Education.

Apart from this Weightlifting being a recognized sport carries 2% reservation from Government jobs. All central and State Government departments had taken sports quota jobs in Weightlifting.

  • It is an official game in the Olympics.
  • This is included in Asian Games.
  • This is Included in Common wealth Games.
  • This is also included in World universities.
  • This is included in National Games.
  • This is included in school games
  • This is also included in PYKKA games of central Government.
  • So every body start today 

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Tollywood Film Actor Srihari with weightlifting Coach Rajsekhar

Tollywood Film Actor Srihari is a very good Sports man. he was always touch with L.B.Stadium and attended any sports functions even he busy with schedules.

Weightlifting Coach Rajsekhar,Dr.N.C.Mohan, Srihari

He was attended my Coach Dr.N.C.Mohan's Retirement function in L.B.Stadium,Hyderabad,India on 31st November 2012.It was my sweet Memory with Late Srihari.

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About Weightlifting

About Weightlifting

Weightlifting is one of the Oldest, systematic and scientific Event. It is a discipline that shows ways in enhancing our spirit and life through training our body and mind. Today it has become a global Sport that has gained an international reputation, and from the beginning it is an official game in the Olympics.

 Sri.Kamineni Eswara Rao
Olympian , Arjuna Awardee

    All lifts must be executed on competition platform. The platform must be square, level of measuring 4 meters on each side.
                      The platform may be made of wood, plastic or any solid material and may be covered with a non-slippery material. A clear area measuring 1 meter surrounding the platform is compulsory. This area must be flat and free from any obstacle including discs. The height of the platform must be between 50 and150 mm.

              In competition, the weightlifter has 3 attempts in the snatch followed by 3 attempts in the clean and jerk. The heaviest successful attempt in each event is added together to create the total. In each attempt 1min time to start the lift.
      The men's bar weighs 20 kg and Length of the bar 2.2mtr. The women's bar weighs 15 kg and length of the bar 2.1mtr, The discs must meet the following specifications-
                            Must be of the following weights and colours
           25 kg red, 20 kg blue, 15 kg yellow, 10 kg green, 5 kg white, 2.5 kg red, 2 kg blue, 1 kg green, 0.5 kg white
     Total team men -8, Women-7

                                   Men Categories-56kg,62kg,69kg,77kg,85kg,94kg,105kg,+105kg.
              Women categories- 48kg,53kg,58kg,63kg,69kg,75kg,+75kg.

Who we are
Ø  The International Weightlifting Federation (IWF) is a permanent non-profit organization composed of 189 affiliated National Federations worldwide, from all five Continents
Ø  Weightlifting was one of the first sports included already in the first Modern Olympic Games 1896
Ø  The IWF was founded in 1905, being one of the oldest International Sport Federations
Ø  The IWF is the world controlling body for weightlifting
Ø  The IWF is recognized by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) as the sole controlling body for international weightlifting
Ø  The IWF is a member of Sport Accord and the Association of Summer Olympic International Federations (ASOIF)


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