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South Indian Power lifting championship from 3/1/13 to 5/1/13

  • South Zone Power lifting  Sub-Junior, Junior, Senior Championship for Men & Women conducted on 3rd to 5th jan-2013 at Lal Bhadur Indoor Stadium,Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh.
  • Total 5 States Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka,Tamalanadu, Pandichery and Kerala states are represented in  this championship. Total Participants are ( 160 Men& Women).
  • Arrange good Food and Accommodation by Organizers. Mr. Sankar Yadav a Donner arrange  Excellent Boarding for competitors. Mr.C B R Prasad Sponsor  T-Shirts for all Participants.  
  • In this Mega event  Mr. Mallesh (AP PL Assn. Secretary) Mr. N C Mohan former D.D SAAP,Naga Raju ( Hyderabad District Power Lifting Association Secretary) Playing main role.
  •  All the L.B. Stadium Lifters are working as volunteers.

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