360 Degree Solutions For Sports Needs



1. Incomplete Straightening


-The athlete does not straighten himself completely

-in order to reach the level of chest with the bar, the trunk goes to the bar. Instead of the bar to the trunk (at the level of the sternum)

-the pull is not made correctly, the lifter doing it with the head bowed in front.

-The second phase of the pull – explosion is not executed correctly, from the whole sole.

-the work of the arms does not continue.

How to Correct

-Pulls are performed with the aim to make a complete straightening with a slight extension of the trunk.

-making the pulls with a stop of 2-3 seconds at the highest level, pursuing the strengthening of the muscles, which makes possible the carrying of the bar up to this level.

-pulls from boxes from different heights, which will force the athlete to work heavily. Other wise the barbell won’t be snatched.

-throwing the weights with both hands over the head and the snatch of the barbell over head.

-jump backwards.

2. The Drop under the Barbell made to Early.
-Incomplete pull.

-the best positions of the leg and back muscles are not used for the second phase of the pull-explosion.

-work with too heavy loads.

How to Correct
-pulls while supporting the barbell at the highest point.

-work from the boxes in the best position for the muscular groups of the back and legs.

-work from the hang position, whose aim is to strengthen the muscular groups which achieve the explosion.

-power snatch.

3. The Explosion is not made from both feet
-the athlete does not hurry to come under the barbell

-the complete rising on tiptoes of both feet, after the ‘swing’ is not made.

-the speed conveyed to the barbell is not sufficient 
How to Correct

-Snatch from the hang position.

-Snatch from boxes

-The separate execution of the snatch having in view the “swing” the rising on tiptoes, and the fall in the split

4. The Jump

-the athlete does not learn correctly the drop under the bar and he needs to jump.

-The prolongation of the time with out support.

 -the rising on tiptoes after the “explosion” is not performed.

 How to Correct
-free drop under the bar with a rise on tiptoes.

-work from the hang position

-work from boxes.

5. The Trunk Inclined in front
-the “explosion” has not been finished with the extension of the trunk.

-the pull has not been executed to the best height.

-an incorrect image of the movement.

How to Correct
-the execution of pulls with the extension of the trunk.

-work from boxes.

-Work from the hang position.

-squat with barbell in the extended arms

-the demonstration of the right motion by the coach.

-the use of photographs, diagrams, and movies about the best weightlifters in the world.

6. The Lifting of the barbell with the same speed.
-the athlete does not use the simultaneous action to the trunk and legs in the second stage, a thing which causes barbell not to increase its speed.
the pull begins too suddenly.

-the trajectory of the barbell is too far from the body.

How to Correct
-the development of the back and leg muscles in the “swing” position.

-work from the hang position.

-work from boxes.

-the execution of pulls with a slow speed up to the level of lower third of the thighs, after which the “explosion”will be performed with an increased speed.

7. Pushing by the arms during the split


-the insufficient height of the barbell, which requires in this way a push by the arms.

-the weightlifter relies on the arm muscles, finishing his coming under the barbell through a push.

How to Correct

-snatch technique, when the complete stretching of the arms will be taken into consideration.

-work from the hang position with or without a split.

-work from boxes with or without a split.