360 Degree Solutions For Sports Needs



Ø Women can start weightlifting without risk at the age of 14 to 15 years under the supervision of qualified specialist.
Ø Women can bare monotonous work much better than men.
Ø They are regeneration must watched more closely loosening up before and after workouts   stretching exercise helping the mobility of joints flexibility
Ø The coach should exploit the smallest approximately for appreciation.           
Ø Woman are much more in need appraise than other sex
Ø During contest at most one are two small mistakes may be pointed out not more otherwise entire section of motion may be upset
Ø During the contest not for correction are an expected situation are
Ø The training of women is more easy to control due to their mental state and dominance of emotions
Ø  Women’s progression is faster than men.
Ø Women usually smaller and shorter than men.
Ø Generally women are more flexibility, Its help’s in the technical performance of the movement most often which an amplitude close to the require one
Ø Women benefit of their greater flexibility since owing to it they are less likely to be injured in sports related activities.
Ø Women who are usually more emotional than men it is vital importance to progress in their sports discipline.
Ø Generally women are more diligent and discipline than men.


*    First attempt should be successful otherwise more trouble it may be dropout.
*    More careful for clean & jerk
*    For women training after the execution of weight training they have to spend not less than 20 to 30 min for relaxation.
*    Women HB% is less
*    Lower absolute strength
*    Women have less bone and muscles than men.
*    Keep mind their menses periods & problems
*    Swimming balneological (water therapy) should be possible all ways take place in case of two trainings daily
*    Professional massage two to three times weekly.       
*    Top performance can be reached after 6 to 12 years of preparation.
*    More press exercise to be included in workouts than men (shoulder, leg press, bench-press)    
*    Optimum daily lode to be determined preciously because failed attempts have a stronger negative impact on women than men.

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