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Twin Cities Weightlifting Championship,31-05-2014

we are successfully completed Twin cities Weightlifting championship.Thanks to all my supporters and my dear and near.
I congratulate all the winners and best performers.
All the participants are learners,Even-tough they perform beyond their level.

Some of the up coming weightlifters like Rahul sagar, Varun Nag, Promood,Sampath Kumar,Sandeep, Naveen Kumar,Venkat,Gowtam and Akelash Reddy are showing good technical skills during their Lifting.
I think they have good future in Weightlifting.

Highlight of this competition 

A great sports promoter Mr. C.B.R Prasad attend this function as a chief guest and presenting mementos to medal Winners.

Surprisingly Mr. C.B.R Prasad gave a 5000/- cash award each to Best lifter (Y Shiva Kumar)and Strong men(R Rahul Darshan).
I thanks to Mr.C.B.R.Prasad.

I thanks to Mr.Prasad a senior weightlifter and sports lover arranged Lunch with good menu to Twin cities Weightlifting championship.
I thanks to Mr.N C Mohan, Senior weightlifting coach to attend the opening function.

I thanks to Mr. Rambabu Yadav ,Secreatary, R.R Dist.Weightliting Associaton,  arranged mementos to Twin cities Weightlifting championship.

I thanks Mr Naveen a senior  weightlifter and sports lover arranged Breakfast to Twin cities Weightlifting championship.

I thanks to Mr. E Bala prasad,Rammohan,Y Venugopal,Venkat narayan,Ravi  (MCH)Malles BSNL,Yadhageri,Mallesh yadav,Anand,Ram chandar ,Srinivas yadav and all the Weightlifting lovers who are witnessing this event.

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