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 Incomplete Straightening

Your Problems 

-You does not straighten your arms completely

-in order to reach the level of chest with the bar, the trunk goes to the bar. Instead of the bar to the trunk (at the level of the sternum)

-the pull is not made correctly, the lifter doing it with the head bowed in front.

-The second phase of the pull – explosion is not executed correctly, from the whole sole.

-the work of the arms does not continue.

My suggestions

-Pulls are performed with the aim to make a complete straightening with a slight extension of the trunk.

-making the pulls with a stop of 2-3 seconds at the highest level, pursuing the strengthening of the muscles, which makes possible the carrying of the bar up to this level.
 jump backwards.-pulls from boxes from different heights, which will force the athlete to work heavily. Other wise the barbell won’t be snatched.

-throwing the weights with both hands over the head and the snatch of the barbell over head.

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