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C.B.R Academy of Sports & Education


All  sports talents of  India achieved,  participated and proved in any  Govt. approved and valid,    rural-
urban-district-zonal-state-national level competitions, championships and meets.
National Sports Scholarships 2015-2016 announced on our Indian National Sports Day 29th August 2015 every year for sports development to all talented and proved achievers in sports in school – college – university levels, as these will help a lot of sports dreams all over India to achieve the heights they wish for.
CBR.National Sports Scholarships -2015-16 is open for all eligible sports talents from the age of 14 years to the age of 21 years. Criteria and benchmarks are only individual sports achievements and participations in any Govt. valid and approved, rural – urban – district – zonal – state – national level sports competitions, championships and meets.
CBR National Sports Scholarships - 2015-16 will be announced after Performance test. These scholarships will help a lot of parents to promote their talented sports children as they meet a part of their sports expenses. Eligible candidates will receive the sum or value of minimum of Rs.1500/- to a maximum of Rs.9000/- according their performance level in the national and International level.
Junior/ Senior National 1st  place Total
Junior/ Senior National 2nd  place Total
Junior/ Senior National 3rd   place Total
Junior/ Senior National 4th   place Total
Junior/ Senior National 5th  place Total
Junior/ Senior National 6th   place Total
CBR National Sports Scholarships- 2015-16 will receive applications of sports talents from all over India from Oct 15th 2015 till 1st  November 2016, in duly filled up application forms along with the institutional details, personal bio data, identity proofs and family details along with copies of their achievements, certified and attested by the physical or sports instructor or in charge and head of the institution or principal or head master/ mistress and Coaches, where they are studying or studied with seals and signatures of the designation and institution. The final list of selected categories of students will be announced by 15th November 2015
Applications forms can be downloaded online from our blog http://360degreesports.blogspot.in/  Application forms, application numbers and details will be sending by post or by e-mail by whattsapp or SMS or call to us. For submitting, send by speed post or registered post with acknowledgement to –CBR Academy of Sports & Education,Gollur Village,Maheswaram Mandal,R.R District,Telangana State-, with written on right top of the cover ‘CBR National sports scholarship -2015 -16’ including along with photocopies and details of application fee of Money order of Rs 100 for from any of the post offices from all over India. For any queries any person can call to us between 11am to 5pm on 09246562996 for help.
*For International Level Weightlifters Also send their Applications They has Special provision.

Wishing all good sports future  with regards                                                               C.B.R.Prasad


The sports scholarship player will not be entitled to draw any other scholarship / financial aid / stipend from any other source whatsoever for sporting activity.

Shortlisted players must attend performance test at CBR Academy along with their merit certificates and Birth Certificates. The shortlisted players shall be verified with originals at CBR ACADEMY’s  on dates that will be informed to the shortlisted players subsequently. The players will be required to visit CBR ACADEMY at their own expenses.

In case the candidate has passed matriculation/SSC examination, the date of birth given in the matriculation certificate only shall be considered. In case the candidate has not passed his matriculation/SSC examination, school leaving certificate or birth certificate issued by Municipality/Gram Panchayat will only be accepted as documentary evidence in support of date of birth.

Birth Certificates submitted by the players will be referred by CBR ACADEMY to the issuing authority. If there is no response from the issuing authority within 6 months, the scholarship will be discontinued.


The sportsperson should submit the application necessarily in the formats given on the website with all columns duly filled along with passport size photograph.

The last date for receipt of applications will be 1st November, 2015 and no applications will be entertained after the due date.

Application Format

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